Curriculum process

This document describes the process our organisation follows to maintain the curriculum, from fixing day-to-day issues with workshops to making high-level structural changes.

The curriculum circle

Founders and Coders maintains a "curriculum circle". This is a group of maintainers who are responsible for the health of the curriculum. Currently this is made up of permanent employees, but in the past has included alumni who helped on a volunteer basis.
The curriculum circle meets fortnightly to discuss and assign any work the curriculum requires. All problems, suggested changes and discussions should be captured in issues raised in this GitHub repository. New issues (or anything that has become relevant/urgent) should be tagged with the "Next circle" label to ensure it is discussed. Since the curriculum is open source these issues can be raised by anyone.
The circle will discuss any relevant issues and make decision on what work (if any) should arise from it. Issues are then assigned to a member of the team who is responsible for ensuring the required work is completed.


We receive feedback on the curriculum is several ways:
  • Issues raised directly on this repository
  • The weekly feedback forms our learners complete
  • Points raised in each cohort's weekly "Stop Go Continue" retrospective sessions
Any feedback pertinent to the curriculum will be translated into an issue in this repository so it can be discussed in the next curriculum circle meeting.


Although the curriculum is open source the final discretion for changes lies within the Founders and Coders team (specifically with the Developer-in-Residence role). This ensures the curriculum maintains a consistent direction and a cohesive approach, rather than becoming a fragmented collection of semi-related material.
Anyone is welcome to contribute changes, as long as they follow the process outlined in our contributing guide.